SQL Server Setup Installation taking very long time

I had to install  a standalone instance of SQL Server 2012 [developers edition] on one of the machine. Usually the whole installation finishes within an hour or two.  I started the installation process after passing all the required parameters and switched to another work [multitasking 😉 ].  It wasn’t a high priority task, so I went for lunch also. When I came back, it was almost 2 hours since the setup installation was running. To my surprise it was still running [Status bar was showing it stuck at around 30% It was stuck at Install_SqlSupport_KatmaiRTM_Cpu64_Action:CreateShortcuts. Creating shortcut].  I went through the sql server setup logs to check if there is something useful pointing to the reason behind SQL Server taking forever to finish.  I checked event logs as well but to no avail.



I started my hunt for a solution to this problem on internet .

I am sharing the trick that solved the issue for me:  🙂


I cancelled the currently running installation setup.

Followed the below steps.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Setting -> Internet Options
  • Open the “Advanced” Tab
  • Go to security sections below and uncheck the “Check for server certificate revocation” and “check for publisher certificate revocation options”
  • Click Apply and then OK
  • Close the browser and reboot the system.

After this when I re-initiated the Installation. It finished in normal time. 🙂



Hope it was helpful !!!!!



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