SQL Server Setup Installation taking very long time

I had to install  a standalone instance of SQL Server 2012 [developers edition] on one of the machine. Usually the whole installation finishes within an hour or two.  I started the installation process after passing all the required parameters and switched to another work [multitasking 😉 ].  It wasn’t a high priority task, so I went for lunch also. When I came back, it was almost 2 hours since the setup installation was running. To my surprise it was still running [Status bar was showing it stuck at around 30% It was stuck at Install_SqlSupport_KatmaiRTM_Cpu64_Action:CreateShortcuts. Creating shortcut].  I went through the sql server setup logs to check if there is something useful pointing to the reason behind SQL Server taking forever to finish.  I checked event logs as well but to no avail.



I started my hunt for a solution to this problem on internet .

I am sharing the trick that solved the issue for me:  🙂


I cancelled the currently running installation setup.

Followed the below steps.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Setting -> Internet Options
  • Open the “Advanced” Tab
  • Go to security sections below and uncheck the “Check for server certificate revocation” and “check for publisher certificate revocation options”
  • Click Apply and then OK
  • Close the browser and reboot the system.

After this when I re-initiated the Installation. It finished in normal time. 🙂



Hope it was helpful !!!!!




How to find out SQL Version and Edition

There are many ways to find out SQL Server Version and Edition. I am sharing some of the most common ones.


1. SQL Commands


Another Script:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY (‘Edition’) as Edition,
SERVERPROPERTY(‘ProductLevel’) as SQLServicePackLevel,
SERVERPROPERTY(‘ProductVersion’) as SQLVersion



2. Using GUI – SSMS ->Object Explorer

Open SSMS and connect to SQL Instance, Right click sql instance and select properties.

here in the properties windows you can find out the SQL Version and Edition along with a lot of other useful details as well.



You can also find out the SQL Version (along with SP) when you connect NEW QUERY (in SSMS)

In the status bar below in New Query window (it show the SQL Version and Product Level)



SQL Server Version List

this list is taken from https://sqlserverbuilds.blogspot.ae/. This is one of the best places to refer for latest SQL releases and version details.


Hope this was helpful. !!!





How to find last start time of SQL Server

There are many ways to check when sql server was last started. Below are two of the options.


1. Using DMV

select sqlserver_start_time, * from sys.dm_os_sys_info


2. Using Server Dashboard Report

Connect to SQL Instance in Object explorer of SSMS. Right Click SQL Instance Select Reports -> Standard Reports -> Server Dashboard



Hope this was helpful !!!